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What You Need To Know About Our Company

At Krutus Private Limited, we’ve been on a journey to help businesses ease their tech requirements. Founded in 2018, we embarked on a mission to build, secure, and consult the tech requirements of the organizations, and this mission continues to guide us every day.

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What Services We Offer For You

At Krutus, We have a variety of services we offer as per your needs or requirements for your business

Software Development

We work on various Tech Stacks from Web to App to not let you compromise with your idea.


We have expertise in various database technologies, either standalone or clusters.

Cyber Security

We work on the security of the applications, set secure parameters, and secure access.

Marketing Optimization

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Business Ventures

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Business Strategy

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The Business Consulting Process

We will discuss the process or requirements of your project.

Help you build the roadmap of your project, the reach of customers, and usage by the customers.

We will suggest you the tech stack for the backend, frontend, and database best fit for your app.

Database & Secure Access

A database is an essential component for most applications as it stores crucial data. It provides a structural format for various data types.

It becomes crucial for medium or large databases to be more relevant in terms of the data types they store.

We know how to handle your data needs when you have medium or large-scale applications.

Setup secure access or zone lockdown

Setup High-Availability or Scalability

Horizontal or Vertical Scaling

Justify structure for data types

Our Partners

We worked for companies in multiple domains or processes who trust in our services or expertise for their business requirements.

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